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Even the Doctor isn't the Cure for all that Ails Us, Halladay Loses to Rays

Rays 4 Blue Jays 1

Not quite vintage Roy Halladay but he was pretty good, 6 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 earned and 7 strikeouts. Really the only hard hit ball off him was Carl Crawford's 2 run homer.  Other than that he gave up 4 soft hit singles and one of the walks was to Evan Longoria, when he had first base open, that set up a double play. Since he hasn't been able to run the last couple of weeks the Cito took him out a bit early, hard to keep your legs in shape when you aren't running.

Offensively we didn't do much, hit a bunch of balls to the warning track but they were just long outs. A couple of them as was sure were going to be homers. Vernon Wells also clubbed one but just foul. We had 17 fly outs to 8 ground outs and just 2 strike outs. Some bad luck, some pop ups. Adam Lind had 2 hits, and Wells, Rolen and Barajas had one each. Jose Bautista had both our walks. A right-handed pitcher walking him is a sin, he is slugging a big .238 against right-handers.

The one good things about about watching Jays games is our defense. Hill made great catch on a line drive over his head, Rolen made a nice catch and Jose Bautista threw out Gabe Gross trying to stretch a hit into a double. He does have a great arm, but if you are slugging .238, your great arm should be pitching.

No Jays of the Day tonight, honorable mention to Doc. Suckage Jays? Lyle Overbay (-.124), Jeremy Accardo (-.114) and Marco Scutaro (-.102). Tomorrow Scott Richmond (6-4, 3.68) goes against last year's Jay killer Matt Garza (5-5, 3.61). Well Jay killer may be the wrong word, he is only 3-3 against the Jays but has a 1.99 ERA against us. And we could basely hit him at all last year. It should be interesting.