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Doc is 9-1, Jays Win

Final - 6.2.2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Los Angeles Angels 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 4 7 2
Toronto Blue Jays 0 0 1 2 0 3 0 0 X 6 9 0
WP: Roy Halladay (9 - 1)
LP: Joe Saunders (6 - 4)

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Well that was interesting. Roy Halladay was almost untouchable  for 6 innings, then was very touchable in the 7th. In the 7th he loaded the bases on a single, single, walk. Then gave up a run on another single, then one on a wild pitch, then two sac flies to empty the bases. But we were still up 6-4. I really didn't think he'd be out for the 8th but he was. Then I was sure he wouldn't be up for the 9th, but Cito surprised me. But in the 9th Doc got the first two out on strikeouts then gave up a single.

Then Cito got guys up in the bullpen. This I really didn't understand. I figured at very least Cito would have guys warmed up in case Doc got in trouble. Why he would wait until a two out single I don't know. By the time they would have been ready to pitch the game would have been lost. Fortunately Doc got Maicer Izturiz on three called strikes. Looking at Gameday, the three strike pitcher were at best on the very edge of the strike zone. The last strike was a hanging curve just at the top outside corner.

Doc finished with 133 pitches. Likely at the very very top end of the number of pitches I'd ever want him to throw, especially early in June. But it all worked out. But Cito, let's not do it again next start. Is kind of funny that he threw that many pitches on a day that Jordan Bastian wrote about Cito telling him that they would 'keep a close eye on how they use their ace'. Doc finished with 14 strikeouts, just 7 hits and 1 walk allowed in 9 inning.

Offensively the Jays scored 6 runs off 9 hit. Offensively the Jays got 2 hits each from Kevin Millar, Scott Rolen, and Rod Barajas. Nice to see Millar have a good game after I commented on the poor April he had. Alex Rios also had a homer in his second game in a row. Really great to see him heating up. I wish the same could be said for Vernon Wells who was 0 for 4 today.

Jays of the Day are Doc (.378 WPA) and Jose Bautista (.146). Honorable mention goes to Rios, Millar and Barajas who for the second time in a couple of games scored all the way from first, this time on Bautista's triple. That's a long way for a catcher to run. No suckage Jays today, though Scutaro was close at -.087 WPA, ending his hitting streak at 9 games.

Tomorrow Jered Weaver (4-2, 2.36) goes against Casey Janssen (1-1, 4.15), should be a great game.