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Bits On a Tuesday Afternoon

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I was going to talk on a couple of things but I noticed other folks had beat me to them so figured we'd have a small link fest this afternoon. 

I agree with everything Tao of Stieb says in this little post about Alex Rios and John McDonald's base running troubles, including:

So...The Gazelle doesn't care if the Jays win, and Johnny Mac cares too much. Glad that we cleared that up.

The Drunks have a good take on this silly piece by Jeff Blair. They reaction is here.

While I would continue to question the merits of giving up on Rios, as he's simply not as bad as everyone makes him out to be, I'm certain that there wouldn't be a single tear shed for the departure of Wells from Toronto, just as certain as I am that there wouldn't be a team willing to take him and the $12.5 million, $23 million, $21 million, $21 million and $21 million due to him over the next five years. This isn't a new thing. This has been the fact since almost right after the contract was signed.


Jon Paul Morosi at Fox Sports is yet another one that is drooling over Doc has an interest article on the age players start to decline by Joe Posnanski and Bill James. Apparently it is 33, he says, suddenly feeling very old. 

Bucs Dugout has more on the Eric Hinske trade to the Yankees here.

And in case you are interested, DRayBay had a few questions about the Blue Jays for me

Have a good afternoon and see you in the thread tonight.