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It Is Time For You To Stop All Of Your Sobbing: 6/30 Game Preview and Thread, Rays at Jays

It is always tough to lose when Doc pitches, but hot and cold for the Jays' offense is nothing new. Today they look to get back on track with Scott Richmond pitching for the Jays and Matt Garza going for the Rays. Richmond certainly hasn't given the Jays anything to complain about but the Rays offense has been fantastic and Garza is an excellent pitcher too, so it should be a good one.

Some good news - Scott Downs threw off a mound for the first time since his injury today and it reportedly went well. There's still no return date, but sounds like progress.

Just to put it in perspective (thanks to the Pretenders for today's title), the Jays are 4 games over .500, 3 1/2 from the wild card. Yes it has been a drop off, due as much to excellent play by the other AL East teams as mediocre play by the Jays. This is a team that plenty of pundits picked to finish with as few as 70 wins. I think the Jays can play better than they've been playing recently, but every team has its ups and downs. And no, the Jays aren't losing because they "don't want to win as much as the other team" or "aren't as determined to win" as the other team. What, they wanted to win more than the other team in April but now they're tired of winning and want to try losing?

This is baseball. One week you sweep the champs, next week you look like you won't win another game for the rest of the year. It's a long season and there are plenty of surprises, good and bad, in store. Enjoy the games, it's been great baseball for the most part. I know I have.