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Bits Before the Game

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Not much Jay related news this morning, but there are a couple of things.

First congratulations to Tao of Stieb for getting to their 1000th post. That an amazing thing that they can go day after day and keep getting posts up of such quality. It can be tough looking at a blank screen with a blank brain or at least I have days like that. Congratulations.

There is a nice story on Brian Tallet (hmmm they have 2 t's at the end of his name in the headline) in the Globe and Mail this morning. He was quite the party animal in college:

Tallet grew up in Oklahoma City and became the only active major-league player to have been drafted four times. He wanted the university education and went to LSU in 1998, only to discover that classes can be an afterthought of collegiate life for a full-ride guy. "I would just drink, and I could drink a lot," he said. "And the biggest thing was we always got it for free because we were athletes.

Beyond the Boxscore has their Power Rankings up for the week and the Jays are number two in baseball behind the Rays(??). Ok.....

And Sammy Sosa announced his retirement. Though I'm not sure if you really can call it retirement when no one offers you a job for 2 years. Sammy, apparently, doesn't think the steroid issue will effect his chances of making the Hall of Fame. Best of luck.

"I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don't I have the numbers to be inducted?," said Sosa, who presently serves the Dominican government as Special Ambassador For Investment Opportunities.

And, though it is being discussed in BigTimeBlueJayFan's fanpost, I figured we'd put up a poll to see if you guys think the we should go after Tom Glavine. See you in the game thread.