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The Birds Were in the Trees Until the Place Was Gone: Game Thread, 6 June -- Royals at Jays

Note: All content in this game thread was mine, so don't hold Tom accountable for my ramblings! - Hugo


Kansas City Royals @ Toronto Blue Jays

06/06/09 1:07 PM EDT

Kansas City Royals Toronto Blue Jays
David DeJesus - LF Marco Scutaro - SS
Willie Bloomquist - SS Jose Bautista - 3B
Billy Butler - 1B Alex Rios - RF
Mike Jacobs - DH Vernon Wells - CF
Jose Guillen - RF Adam Lind - LF
Mark Teahen - 3B Kevin Millar - DH
Alberto Callaspo - 2B Lyle Overbay - 1B
Brayan Pena - C Raul Chavez - C
Mitch Maier - CF John McDonald - 2B

2009 - Scott Richmond 4-2 3.50 1.26 44 18

2009 - Luke Hochevar 0-2 10.80 2.06 3 7

Hi all. It finally seems to have stopped raining here in the Washinton area, and, back from camping, I'm excited to watch my first Jays game since last week -- or at least part of it. After dropping a heartbreaking rubber game to the Angels, the Jays got off to a nice series start last night behind excellent pitching by Ricky Romero and some timely hitting by Marco Scutaro, Lyle Overbay, and company against Royals starter and early Cy Young award candidate Zack Greinke.

Today, Scott Richmond pitches against Luke Hochevar in an interesting matchup - the 29-year old rookie, former dock-worker, and Northern Independent League veteran against the highly-touted first overall pick of the 2006 draft (and former draft holdout). Richmond has had the better of it so far this season, with a nice two months under his belt, but had his last turn through the rotation skipped, though he pitched two nice innings in relief against Boston.

As folks here have noted, Aaron Hill has been scuffling at the plate and he gets the day off, and I'm pretty surprised to see the Jays turn to John McDonald, rather than Joe Inglett, to man second, especially against a righthander. That said, I get the feeling the Jays have been trying to get Mac into games and this was a chance to do so. It's a strange lineup today, as Jose Bautista gets the customary start for Scott Rolen in the day game after a night game, but seeing him bat second against a right-hander is pretty strange, especially with Lyle Overbay's .412 OBP against righties stuck in front of out-machines Raul Chavez and J-Mac. Adam Lind starts in leftfield while Kevin Millar, who has been pretty cold recently, gets the start at DH. Not the prettiest lineup card ever drawn up by Cito, I have to say.

Today's title comes from the great song "Eden Was a Garden" by Roman Candle off their most recent record, Oh Tall Tree in the Ear - I've been listening to it a lot lately.