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Royals 6, Jays 2

Not much to say about this one.  The Jays offense was pretty listless against Royals starter Luke Hochevar, with a Raul Chavez 2-run home run accounting for the only two Blue Jay runs.  Lyle Overbay had a pretty decent day at the plate, with a walk and a well-hit double into the gap, and that was about it.  That said, the Jays didn't exactly run out their A-lineup, and Hochevar pitched a pretty good game. Please, Cito, no more batting Jose Bautista 2nd against righties, and you don't need to let Mac hit for himself late in the game when you're down by 3 either.

On the other side of the ball, Scott Richmond looked pretty good through 4 but things really fell apart in the 5th.  Richmond got the first out, then Jose Guillen singled and Mark Teahen hit a 2-run home run to left-centre field.  OK, these things happen when lefties hit against Richmond.  But then Richmond gave up a double to Callaspo and then got the next out before then proceeding to walk the next two hitters to load the bases for Willie Bloomquist.  If you've been following the Jays, you know what happens when they face Willie Bloomquist in a critical situation, and today was no different.  Bloomquist hit a 3-run triple to break the game open and that was essentially all she wrote, though Jesse Carlson gave up a run in the 8th.   Shawn Camp did a nice job in a losing effort and B.J. Ryan pitched a quality 9th inning. 

Tomorrow, the Jays look to take the series with Doc on the mound pitching against Kyle Davies.  There were no Jays of the day, but let's give honourable mention to Chavez, Overbay, Camp, and what the hell, B.J. Ryan.  An effective Ryan would be a big help.