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Doc Wins His 10th of the Season

Rays Royals 0 Blue Jays 4

Roy Halladay threw his first shut out of the season and was just terrific, just 97 pitches, gave up 7 hits, no walks and 6 strikeouts. He is the first pitcher in the majors to get to 10 wins this year. Couldn't ask for better. There was really only twice in the game when it looked like KC might score: he gave up two singles to open the fourth but a nice 5-4-3 double play and a ground out ended that quick and in the 7th the Royals loaded the bases with one out but strikeout and a ground out ended that. Doc had 16 ground outs to 5 fly outs. Constantly amazing, he still hasn't thrown less than 7 innings in a start this year and is on pace to throw 274 innings this season. He is just a wow every time out.

Offensively Aaron Hill broke out of his 0 for 25 streak with a 2 run homer and Lyle Overbay was 2 for 3 with a massive solo homer to center. Not that it will matter to the folks that think it's funny to call him Lyle Overpaid but he is batting .302 and has been just terrific all season. But like I said that won't matter to hose that don't like him. Alex Rios was also 2 for 4 and hti the ball 3 of 4 times up and Vernon Wells was 1 for 3 with a sac fly. Everyone in the lineup had at least one except Rod Barajas and Joe Inglett.

Kind of worrisome is that Scoot  Scott Rolen sat the game out with a 'stiff back'. I think most of us had him penciled in for 120 games this season but he's been pretty healthy so far. I think Cito is smart to sit him out on day games after night games. No sense in having him play everyday. I don't mind Bautista playing making a couple of starts a week, more than that I think he is a little over exposed but he isn't a bad player.

Jays of the Day are Doc (well duh, .334 WPA), Hill (.135) and Overbay (.097). Alex Rios gets an honorable mention. No Suckage Jays, Lind had the low number (-.057).

The Jays start a 4 game set with the Rangers in Texas tomorrow with Casey Janssen going tomorrow against Scott Feldman (5-0, 3.79). Hopefully the good start from Doc will be contiagous.