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Bits on a Monday

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Everyone else has been weighing in on Alex Rios, makes me kind of glad I was away this weekend. But I do think if I ever get to 250 pounds of fat and my life is so pathetic that I think yelling at a baseball player on the street is a reasonable thing to do, it really is time just to put me out of my misery. Yeah Alex should have ignored it but come on, if you think the best way you can effect the world is to yell 'you're a bum' at someone, then you are taking up space best used for something else. 

Everyone is talking about the draft. The Globe and Mail has a profile on a Canadian, James Paxton, who could go in the first round. Or might not:

Lanky left-hander from Ladner, B.C., projected to go in the first round of MLB’s entry draft on Tuesday. Paxton, 20, selected agent Scott Boras as his adviser. Boras represents a who’s who of major-leaguers and has made many of them rich, but he is also known for holding out clients. In scout parlance, Paxton is "projectable," not necessarily refined, and he is one of the more polarizing players in this year’s draft class. He could be chosen in the first 20 picks, or he could slide out of the first round altogether.

I guess that shows how little we know about the draft that you can write 'he could be top 20 or maybe not'.

Jeff Blair, also in the Globe, has Paul Beeston saying the Jays will go over slot in the draft. That would be good news.

Sources say that Beeston, the Blue Jays interim president and chief executive officer, told the commissioner’s office the Blue Jays will not go over slot unless another team in front of them does. "If just one team goes over, we’ll go over," Beeston reportedly told Selig. With the Blue Jays drafting 20th, that’s guaranteed to happen. In fact, it will happen when the Washington Nationals make Stephen Strasburg the first pick overall.

Speaking of the draft Minor League Ball conducted a 'mock draft' on the weekend. I'm really not sure the value of doing those things, the odds are slim that, after the first couple of picks, they will look anything like the major league draft. But it is fun for the ones participating. Here is how the Mock Jays drafted:

Toronto 20) Kyle Gibson, RHP, Missouri 37) Tyler Skaggs, LHP, California HS 68) Jeff Malm, 1B, Nevada HS 99) Justin Marks, LHP, Louisville 104) Max Walla, OF, New Mexico

HS COMMENT: Gibson is a risk due to the stress fracture, but I could see something like this happening: you draft him, see how his rehab goes, then either sign him in August or let him go and take the extra pick in '10. Skaggs is highly projectable, while Malm has one of the best high school bats in the class but has a bad body that turns scouts off. Marks is a very polished college lefty, and Walla has a promising bat. Overall this is a nice mix of talent, with Gibson being the wild card.

I guess it will be interesting to see if they Jays pick any of those players.

The Southpaw has a nice piece on Roy Halladay (yeah they's for him) and they have some interesting bits after it. About our favorite DH/1B:

Kevin Millar is not making the most of his opportunity - Since Snider was demoted he's hitting .156 (.477). In fact, since May 2 he's hitting .194 (.584) - Shades of Stencherson!

Millar started the season great and I thought I was wrong to believe that his pick up was a poor idea. But it is starting to look, like it does most times when I think I'm mistaken, like I was wrong. In that I was originally right....have I confused you yet? I'll admit I never buy this stuff about someone being a 'good clubhouse presence', I'd rather have a guy that's crappy in the clubhouse but great on the field. Cause, you know, they play the games on the field. Reggie Jackson was terrible in the clubhouse, but his teams won. On the field is important, everything else is icing. 

A few people have linked to this, but I will too, because I think it's funny: