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Tallet's Great, Jays Win

Blue Jays 9 Rangers 0

That was almost too easy. Brian Tallet went 7 shut out innings giving up only 2 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts and 13 fly outs. Our favorite Dirk Hayhurst pitched a perfect 6 pitch inning and B.J. Ryan pitched a perfect 9th.

Offensively we got all the runs we needed in the 2nd scoring 4, helped out by a Elvis Andrus error. I was looking forward to seeing him play defense but he hasn't looked great yet this series. Almost everyone was a star, Adam Lind and Aaron Hill each hit homers. When these two are hot, they are amazing. I love watching Lind go the other way (hmmm that sounds wrong some how, no no, I'm sort of sure he's not a gay porn star). Scott Rolen had 3 hits again. Marco Scutaro, Lind and Vernon Wells had 2 hits each. Wells had a double and a triple and was hitting the ball hard. Everyone else had at least one hit but Rod Barajas who did take a nice walk and Rios who did not look good at the plate.

I'll admit I was a little worried tonight since we were facing someone just called up from the minors, we don't seem to do well against guys like that.

Only Jay of the Day was Tallet (.234) as the offense was a team effort. Millar (.093), Wells (.082), Rolen (.053), Scoot (.051) and Lind (.041) all get honorable mention. No Suckage Jays.

That's 3 wins in a row for the Jays and two of those over the Rangers in Texas where we have had bad luck in the past. Speaking of bad luck, Jesse Litsch is going to get Tommy John surgery. So we likely won't see him on the mound again till 2011. Sad stuff.

The amature draft started today. The Jays picked up 5 guys today:

20. Stephan Jenkins RHP Kennesaw St. U

37. James Paxton LHP U Kentucky

68. Jake Eliopoulos LHP Scacred Heart HS

99. Jake Barrett RHP Desert Ridge HS

104. Jacob Marisnick CF Riverside Poly HS

So 4 pitchers, Paxton and Eliopoulos are Canadians.Paxton likely slipped down the draft because Scott Boras is his agent and he will want over slot. I hope they work something out, he looks good.

Anyway we are just 1.5 games behind the Yankees and the Red Sox. I'm trying not to take too much glee in the fact that the Sox beat up on AJ Burnett but it is hard not to.