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We Still Can't Score Against Matt Garza

Rays 4 Blue Jays 1

We got 8 hits and 4 walks and yet only scored 1 run, hard to believe. Everyone in the lineup had at least one hit except Marco Scutaro ( but he had 2 walks), Lyle Overbay and Russ Adams. Some power would have been nice, we only had one extra base hit, a double by Aaron Hill. Vernon Wells and Scott Rolen each left 4 guys on base. It just wasn't fun.

Scott Richmond didn't pitch badly, though he gave up 5 walks, none of them scored. He gave up 3 runs, all on solo homers. He did deserve better. 

Jay of the Day was Aaron Hill (.132). Suckage Jays are Overbay (-.164) and Rolen (-.111). 

Tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern we have Ricky Romero (5-3, 3.20) going against James Shields (6-5, 3.41) Can't be any worse than today, I hope. 

The only bright note from the day is from Scott Downs, who figures he'll be back with the team for the weekend.