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That Was So Much More Fun; Romero and Jays Beat Rays

Rays 0 Blue Jays 5

Ricky Romero is just amazing. I know it is sacrilege to say but other than the couple of starts after he came back from the DL he's been every bit as good as Doc. Today, 8 innings, 4 hits, 4 walks (yeah too many), 7 strikeouts and 2 pick offs. I thought we might be in for a long game when he walked B.J. Upton and threw ball 1 to Carl Crawford, but then he picked Upton off and struck out Crawford and Longoria and looked great the rest of the way.

There was a moment of worry in the 8th when he walked Bartlett to start the inning then Marco Scutaro dropped the toss on an easy double play ball. But then Willy Aybar lined right to Scoot and he doubled off Bartlett at second.

The other bad moment was with Crawford on first and 1 out, Pena singled to center and for totally unknown reasons, Alex Rios threw to third. He had no chance at all to get Crawford and it allowed Pena to go to second. Rios had to play smarter than that. Pena was the tying run, at that point, and keeping him out of scoring position was all important then. But, lucky for Alex, Ricky walked Zobrist to load the bases and then got Pat Burrell to hit into a double play. Alex, if you are going to play in center, keep your head in the game.

My other complaint is I never have to see Kevin Millar swing the bat anymore. Sitting Vernon, I understand, he isn't hitting well, but Millar is miles worse. Millar hasn't been good in years, it's time to release him and try Randy Ruiz or Brian Dopirak or someone. They can't be worse and they could develop into something. Millar could develop into a coach or a color commentator, but he isn't going to suddenly become 30 again.

Anyway the rest of the offense was fine, we had 8 hits, with 3 homers, one each from Rod Barajas, Adam Lind and Rolen. Our new number 3 hitter, Lind, had 2 hits as did Rolen. 0 fors went to Hill, Millar and Rios (who did have a walk and hit one hard the other way but Gabe Gross made a good catch).

Jay of the Day was Ricky Romero (surprise, .469 WPA). Honorable mention to Scoot and Overbay (both broke long 0 for streaks) and Lind. No Suckage Jays. Jays have tomorrow off then have 4 day games in New York against the Yankees over the 4th of July weekend.

Great game today, hope it's the start of a good stretch. Have a great Canada Day.