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Thoughts on Saturday

Yesterday's game was a lot of fun, it is nice to win one again. It is an interesting series, the Jays have 3 left-handed, rookie pitchers starting the three game, with Brett Cecil last night, Ricky Romero tonight and Marc Rzepczynski tomorrow.. I wonder if this has ever happened before. I'm sure it hasn't happened for the Jays but I wonder if it has ever happened in major league history.

Watching Cecil pitch last night and Rzep's first start and Romero all season, I think things look bright for our future. If the don't trade Doc, our starting staff looks great for next year with Doc, Romero, Cecil, Rzepczynski and Marcum with Richmond and half a dozen other arms available if someone gets injured. If we do trade Doc we still have a good staff with Richmond proving to be a very good 5th starter this year.

I know we are conditioned to think the sky is falling all the time but I think we have a pretty good second coming up. I thought, before the season, we had a 86 win team, with luck a little better. I also thought the second half would be better than the first half, because, I thought, i would take time to figure out who are starting pitchers should be. In reality we started much better than I figure. but with the injuries, we still are trying to get the rotation figured out. At the moment I'm pretty happy with the rotation. I am hoping that when Richmond returns, Brian Tallet will go back to the pen.

Yeah with 4 rookies in the rotation, we'd have some ups and downs but each of the four of them look to have potential. If one of them shows they aren't quite ready, Marcum might be ready to go in August.

I know there is a great rush to write the team off, but most of our loses lately have been just by 1 run. if we were a bad team we'd be getting blown out, we aren't. Are we going to make the playoffs, I don' t think so, but then I didn't when the season started and I didn't imagine the 85 injuries to the pitching staff. But they are a fun team to watch and sports are supposed to be entertainment. In enjoy watching the games.

It could be a lot worse. As much as people hate JP, he hasn't made a trade like the Kansas City did trading two top prospects for Yuniesky Betancourt. Think Royals fans are happy people? Look here. Or we could be Met's fans whose GM traded a almost useful outfielder Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur. I love this from Amazin' Avenue:

My favorite argument, a line straight from Minaya's press conference, is: "One thing we like about Francoeur is the amount of games that he plays." Hey if the Mets wanted someone who could play everyday, why didn't they just trade for me? I'm both: A. significantly worse than Ryan Church and B. not prone to injuries. The whole concept of replacement level is that a player, playing any amount of time, is better than Jeff Francoeur playing infinite amount of time. 100 AB for a good player and 400 AB for a bad player is always better than 500 AB for a bad player.

Anyway, read the story. It is quite funny, if you aren't a Met fan.

So enjoy the rest of the season. At worse it should be interesting. Watching young pitchers develop is something I enjoy a lot.