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Had Enough of Walk Off Loses?

Blue Jays 3 Orioles 4 (12 innings)

Another good game pitched by Ricky Romero, 8 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 3 earned. Not his best start but then can't expect perfect every game. Jason Frasor pitched a good inning and Brandon League pitched two good innings. Jesse Carlson gave up the game winning homer in the 12th, in his defense the game shouldn't have gone that long but then he shouldn't give up a home run to Melvin Mora.

And we got 12 hits, of course in 12 innings so isn't quite as impressive. We only took one walk. Two hits each from Marco Scutaro, Kevin Millar, Aaron Hill and Jose Bautista. The only 0 for was Rod Barajas, who was 0 for 5. He really looks like he is hurting, had he been able to run we'd have scored and won in the 11th when Mora booted his ground ball. I'm not sure that putting him on the DL wouldn't have been the best move, back when he first was hurt. He's been gutting it out but he's batting just .130/.130/.261 this month. He might be doing more harm than good. Maybe the 4 days off for the All-Star break will help.

Another interesting moment was in the 10th when Bautista lead off with a single, Scoot bunted. I'm not a fan of having a hot hitter bunt, and as been pointed out, we aren't hitting great with RISP and Aaron Hill in particular has a .656 OPS in those spots. So Hill and Lind ground out and we don't score. I've rather have 3 shots at scoring a guy from first than two from scoring a guy from second. But that's me.

Jays of the Day are League (.311 WPA), Scoot (.201), Frasor (.156) and Romero (.146). Suckage Jays Barjas (-.325), Adam Lind (-.229), Lyle Overbay (-.182, on the strength of one pinch hit strikeout), Vernon Wells (-.170) and Bautista (-.108).