After such a fiery start, it's been very dissapointing watch the Toronto Blue Jays nearly hit "rock bottom" at the allstar break.

Sure the starting rotation has been depleted with injuries, but it's been the offense which has let down this club, especially after a rocketing first six weeks into the season. During that time, the Jays were knocking the cover off the baseball, including driving in runs in key situations and winning games in late stages of the game.

Vernon Wells and Alex Rios, clearly have become the worst performers for the team this year. Wells is amongst the top of all major leaguers with the worst batting average batting with men in scoring position.While Rios, after signing a big contract extension last year, appears to have dropped a level lower from the solid year he had two years ago..

Marco Scutaro is having the best year of his major league career so far, but at 34 years of age it's not known how much fuel he has left in the tank...We need to start shopping for highly touted young shortstop...

Rod Barrajas and Chavez have been adequate in their catching post so far this year, but they are also in their mid 30's and expecting more from these career backups to perform at higher level, is not going to happen...they need to start shopping for young prospect to fill this position as well..

Brandon League has been given the opportunity to many times and failed horribly to prove he can pitch at the major league level, he has to go...Shawn Camp and Dirk Heyhurst are solid Triple AAA pitchers the most and should not be with this club, Jesse Carlson perhaps with some reassignment he can reobtain the magic he showed last year.. Toronto should seriously give Fabio Castro a chance to pitch this year at the major league level, he can't do worse than Brandon League has this year...

Cito Gaston:It was great winning back-to-back World Series Championships in the early 90's, but times have changed and perhaps it's also caught up with Cito Gaston and his old style managing philosophies as well. There's no life in the Blue Jays this year, they are agressive at the plate all right, but the results at the allstar break this year prove one important point, the Blue Jays record this year is no better than to when John Gibbons was manager last year..

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