Orioles Surging, Or Jays just collapsing

After such a great start to the season, the Toronto Blue Jays are sinking faster than a sinking ship.

Hard to imagine after a 27-13 record to begin the year, this team is almost at the bottom of the AL East standings.

Sure they've a suffered numerous injuries to the starting rotation, but it's been the offense and their inability to drive in runners who are in scoring position. As of July 17, The Jays were only 3-games back of the Baltimore Orioles for bottom spot in the East division.

The Orioles haven't exactly been on a roll during the Jays colossal collapse, but they have won more games than Toronto which almost subsequently has enabled them to caught up to Toronto.

What's next for the Jays? Well, the worst could still be ahead, especially when you consider this team's confidence continues to dip to lower levels with each day. If there's anything inspiring that could transpire with this team right now would be for them to continue to lose so the following could happen: (1) They fall last in the AL standings and get the opportunity to obtain another top pick in the next year's draft.

(2) They trade Halladay and receive some top prospects that could have a positive impact on the team in 2010 season.

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