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News Flash: Roy Halladay is Great.

Red Sox 1 Blue Jays 3

I think that the secret is out now, everyone seems to know that Roy Halladay is amazing, but Jamie told us there was a bunch of scouts watching the game. Even Theo Epstein was there. I think it was Hugo that mentioned, in the game thread, that it really is a waste of time scouting Doc, they know he's great. Anyway today he threw a complete game, with 6 hits, no walks, 7 strikeouts and 1 earned run. He did need a nice catch by Alex Rios in center to get out of the first with only 1 run scored and he gave up hits to Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkillis again in the 3rd, but those were the only times the Sox came close to scoring.

Offensively we only got 6 hits and 4 walks. Rod Barajas had the big hits, driving in all 3 runs. It is easy to look like a great hitter when you follow Kevin Millar in the order. Rod and Rios had two hits each. Adam Lind and Lyle Overbay each had a double too. 

Jays of the Day? Actually it reminds me of a story I heard about a Montreal Canadian's game years ago. Rocket Richard scored 4 goals and won the game for the Habs. When they announced the three stars after the game, they start with the 3rd star and they said Maurice Richard. And the crowd booed. How could he be just the 3rd star. Then they announced the second star Maurice Richard. Then the first star Maurice Richard. Well, Jay of the Day today is Doc (.449 WPA) but giving one to Barajas (.240) and Rios (.103 and a the big catch in center that saved at least a run, i might have been a different game with out that. 

Suckage Jay is Kevin Millar (-.104). 0 for 4. Pop out in the 2nd with 2 on. Reached on an error in the 4th. Pop out in the 6th with runners on the corners. And, to end on a high note, ground into a double play in the 8th. Do me a favor and read yesterday's 'Kevin Millar must be released' rant and save me time typing it again. Or for that matter any of the 40 or 50 similar rants this season. JP, he really has to go. If he is so great in the clubhouse, make him a coach. 

After watching the Red Sox for 3 games, I have to ask: Is there a team in the majors that complains about balls and strikes as much as they do? Occasionally, be a man, take the call and walk back the the dugout.  Arguing balls and strike is supposed to be an ejection. I wish umpires would do it now and then.

Jays have an off day tomorrow and 3 games in Ichiro's favorite city, Cleveland. Today's game was great fun, as was yesterday's and the game thread was great too. Have to figure Vernon Wells will be feeling better by then and, (please) we won't be treated to another Millar game.