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Doc to put talking about trade rumors "behind him".

I can understand him being being tired of talking about it, I know I am. Anyway, after the game tonight, Doc talked about how he was using the media circus around the All-Star game say all he wanted to about the issue so he could come back to Toronto and concentrate on pitching. The story is here, but I thought I'd take some quotes out of it.

The timing created a media storm around the soft-spoken pitcher when he arrived in St. Louis for the Midsummer Classic. For Halladay, a creature of routine, he looked at it as a chance to address the rumors once before moving on with his season.

Mike Toth, famously (infamously?) took Doc to task for not talking to the media before the game on game days. If you watched Doc pitch at the All-Star game you can see what not having his normal focus can do to his game. Being fair it would be tough for any player to prepare the way they would like at that game. With all the rumors circulating around Doc, well you can understand how he'd be a little off for the All-Star game start.

"I really believe that just being able to kind of handle it at the All-Star Game, as much as a circus as that was, it kind of allowed me to get back here and just kind of put it out of mind and get back to my job," Halladay said. "I think if you kind of skate around it at that point, it's going to be more that you're going to have to deal with later.

Best news I've heard all season, if he can 'put it out of his mind'. Doc focused is the best there is.

"It was hard. It was hard to do, the whole thing. There was so much going on. It was one of those overwhelming moments in your life, but I felt like once I got back here, I'd be able to put it behind me and go out and take care of my job."

Must be nice for him to come back to the team and get out of the pressure of all that was going on in St. Louis. Being a pretty private person myself, I can't imagine having to deal with all that he has had to lately.

I feel sorry for his wife, moving and  changing jobs are two of those huge stress moments in a life.

"This very well could be our last homestand," Brandy Halladay said on The FAN590. "If something happens before the Trade Deadline, I won't be back. That's difficult. That's more than difficult. I just broke into tears four minutes ago. ... It's very difficult for everybody. ... You're making me cry now."

When we talk about trades we don't consider the effect on the family.

 For Blue Jays fans, as well for the Halladay family, it is an emotional time. It made one wonder if Halladay's emphatic hat tip following his latest gem had any extra meaning behind it.

"No," Halladay said. "For me, I've put it behind me for now. It's important that I focus on my job. You can't worry about the future. You can't think about the future. You have to kind of live in the moment, so that's all I'm trying to do. It has nothing to do with looking down the road.

"It's just a matter of the fans were excited, they were cheering and that's all it was. Really, for me, you take it day to day right now. I know it's a cliche, but I think it's especially true."

You got to like Doc: 'it is important that I focus on my job'.  No wonder he is such a special athlete. I hope the media leaves him alone on this, now that he has said all he wants to on it. 

If the Jays do trade Doc, it won't be the end of the world for the Jays, presuming they get quality for him. As a fan, I'd wish him the best (except if he plays us, of course) and hope he gets a chance to pitch in the playoffs But, I'd like to keep him.

Once last thing, if you could JP, don't trade him until after the Seattle series. Please.