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Welcome Raptors HQ to SB Nation

I have to apologize to them, I had meant to put up a welcome post a week back, when the site first joined SB but life got busy and I didn't get to it. Anyway, another Toronto sports franchise is represented at SB, Raptors HQ is, surprisingly enough, a Toronto Raptors website. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest basketball fan in the world (I've been to one NBA game in my life, it was great fun, I'd love to go to another) but after reading their site (and Prehistoric Hoops, hosted by our own Boo15749) I know the team much better. I don't think I'll ever be at a point where I can comment about them intelligently but then when has that stopped me here. 

Anyway Welcome to SB guys, it is a fun sand box to play in.

Speaking of Toronto sports blogs, I'm sure most of you know about this one, but SB Nation has a great Toronto Maple Leaf blog Pension Plan Puppets, a far better blog than the team is. Well maybe next year is the Leaf's year. Nope, couldn't type that with a straight face, but check them out too. 

Hmmmm baseball, basketball and hockey, if SB starts a Toronto FC site I think we'll have the city's sports scene totally covered. 

Sometime in the near future we'll have a run down on Toronto area sports blogs. If you have a favorite let us know.