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JP: A Halladay trade won't be at the deadline

The New York Time has a piece  reporting that JP saying that Doc won't be traded before right before the deadline, that he doesn't want Halladay going into his July 29th start in Seattle thinking he will be traded in the next 2 days. I think that's likely a good idea, the Jays figure if they trade Doc they want time to make other deals after that. I know it means nothing to JP but I sure hope he isn't traded before we get to see him in Seattle. 

"If you ask me today if we’re going to trade Roy Halladay, I’d say no," Ricciardi, the Toronto Blue Jays’ general manager, said Tuesday morning. "Something could happen between now and the trade deadline, but this isn’t something that’s suddenly going to happen with someone on the 30th."

Since Ricciardi said the Jays “have to be knocked off our feet” to trade Halladay, he said trade talks with prospective suitors will need to have accelerated several days before the deadline. An 11th-hour deal sounds unlikely.

“There are too many pieces that have to be in play with this,” Ricciardi said.

I can understand that. If they trade Doc then there would be other moves happening that he'd want to make right after. I guess it all adds to how complicated it will be to make that trade. That's why I'd rather they make the trade, if they have to, in the off season, so that emotions don't play into the deal. In the off season trades can be made with a clearer head.