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Some Games are Diamonds

Indians 6 Blue Jays 10

Boy it is nice to see the bats come to life, 5 home runs in one game. I'd go back through our game to find out but I'd imagine we haven't hit 5 home runs in the last 10 games. Vernon Wells, Aaron Hill, Alex Rios and Marco Scutaro all went deep, Scoot twice. I guess it is no surprise to anyone to learn Marco hasn't hit two homers in a game before and with 8 on the season he only needs one more to match his career high. Even more amazing, Raul Chavez took his first walk of the season. That's the nice thing about baseball you can always see something you've never seen before. We haven't scored double digit runs since the end of May and we haven't hit 5 homers since May 30, 2006.

Ricky Romero pitched 5 very good innings but then in the 6th he gave up a hit, a walk and a homer. He did have some control problems, walking 5 but until the 6th he was able to pitch his way out of trouble. Can't fault him too much for the homer, up by 6 he had to challenge the hitter. We got the 3 runs back in the bottom of the inning. It would have been nice if he could have pitched deeper into the game but a rookie starter is going to some shorter starts. Romero is now 8-4 on the season. 

Jays of the Day are Hill (.108 WPA), Rios (.100), Romero (.097) and Scoot (.092 and 2 homers). Vernon gets an honorable mention for the home run that got us on the scoreboard. No Suckage Jays today. Raul Chavez had the worst number (-.027), but he put down the nicest bunt in the 6th after Rios and David Dellucci walked. It was a perfect bunt. Then Scutaro hit his second homer of the day right after, that's the type of small ball I can get behind. 

A very nice team effort, every player in the lineup had at least one hit or one walk. The game thread tonight was great fun, I guess a blow out will do that for you. Tomorrow night Mark Rzepczynski (1-1, 2.50) tries for our second series win in a row. Lefty David Huff (4-4, 6.60) starts for the Indians. Gotta love that ERA, maybe we can score 10 again. 

Another long day of Doc trade rumors. Today the Tampa Bay Rays were rumored to be interested. Let's face it, every team in baseball would like to get Roy, I'll believe it when it happens. 

Indians vs Blue Jays boxscore