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Roy Halladay: The Story Changes Every Day

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Yesterday we were told Doc wouldn't resign with the Jays as a free agent and that he had given the team a list of teams he would accept a trade to, today, not so much. Today in the Globe and Mail, Robert MacLeod and Jeff Blair have a different story. Last night, after being told that JP said Halladay wouldn't resign with the Jays Doc wasn't happy (after the jump):

"I don’t want to address it," Halladay said. "I don’t even know what he [Ricciardi] said. I’ll do it after I pitch."

According to Rogers Sportsnet, Halladay’s initial reaction when approached by one of their reporters was: "This is not good."

And people wonder why I say I never believe anything JP says. When JP heard that Doc might not be happy with his comments, the story changed some.

"Roy Halladay has not demanded a trade," Ricciardi said. "We know what he wants and he knows what he wants. He hasn’t given us a list of teams. We’ve run teams by him to see if he has any interest in going there – yes or no. There is no secret, hidden agenda. We’re not playing divide and conquer … and, again, my gut tells me that I just don’t see anything happening.

Now I really don't think there is anything wrong with JP lying to the media if he feels it gives him some sort of edge in dealing with other teams, I know one GM considers the mainstream media 'background noise' and doesn't have anything to do with them unless he feels he can spin a story. 

Ricciardi has never clearly expressed that Halladay’s desire to test free agency was behind the club’s decision to consider trade proposals. Further confusing the Jays’ motives, Blue Jays interim chief executive officer Paul Beeston suggested last week in an interview on a Toronto radio station that he intended to discuss a contract extension with the pitcher this past weekend.

So I still don't know that Doc wouldn't resign with the team if, you know, asked. I would like them to talk about it. I really don't understand why there wouldn't be more communication between the GM and the team's best player. But then I don't know that there hasn't been and that we just don't know. If JP told us he had a long sit down with Doc I wouldn't believe you. For that matter if he told me the sky was blue I'd start questioning my eyes. 

Again I don't really care if he is honest with the media or not. I don't see that telling reporters the truth is anywhere in the job description of a Major League GM. But remember this the next time JP says something and I say I don't believe it.