Hope this is not Halladay's last start here...

There's no question Roy Halladay is the best pitcher this organization has ever had and if or when he leaves the Blue Jays for another organization, he will be greatly missed. There's a lot of speculation, tonight's start against the Rays could be his last in a Jays uniform. It's understandable Roy wants what every player wishes, and it's winning a World Series Championship.

It's such a shame Rogers are not putting forward better efforts the last couple of seasons to put a contending team on the field to compete with New York and Boston. Although Ricciardi has been highly criticised, in reality he just has not been given the money or flexibility in his budget that would produce a championship team here. However, he also deserves to be heavily criticised for the ridiculous figures in new contracts awarded to Wells and Rios. To add to that, 5-years are more than sufficient time to build a respectable team, which he has miserably failed. Halladay could have stayed here for a more considerable amount of time, if this organization were really committed to put a winning product on the field. But this ain't happening and unfortunately the great and dedicated baseball fans of this city are once again going to be left out in the dark.

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