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Roy Halladay's last start as a Jay, the sequel

Rays 4 Blue Jays 2 (10 innings)

Well, if that was Roy Halladay's last start for us, he did his job. 9 innings, just 4 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs, 1 earned and 10 strikeouts. He just had the one bad inning, giving up 2 runs in the 3nd, he was hurt by a Rod Barajas passed ball. Other than that he was great. The unfortunate thing was Matt Garza was just as good, almost exactly as good, 9 innings, 5 hits, 2 earned runs, no walks and 9 strikeouts.

All our offense was in the 3rd as well. An infield single for Rios, a single for Marco Scutaro and a double for Aaron Hill and that was it for our scoring. The big moment of the game? In the 8th inning Rod Barajas led of with a single and John McDonald went in as a pitch runner. He took off on the first pitch like he was stealing (got a good jump too) but Joe Inglett bunted and popped the ball up to the pitcher, Mac was easily doubled off, ending that threat. Someone missed a sign. Mac must have thought they were giving him one pitch to see if he could steal. Inglett thought it was a straight bunt and he messed that up. 

Scott Downs gave up 2 runs in the 10th and that was it. It looked to me that when Doc came out, Hill, Lind and Rolen each were trying to win the game with one swing, chasing pitches up and swinging as hard as possible. I guess they all wanted to be the hero for Doc but it didn't work out. Matt Garza always pitches well against us, but we helped him out some. With the help of the Jays, he didn't walk anyone, we chased pitches all over the place. 

Jay of the Day? Well Doc of course (.481 WPA). Suckage Jays are Downs (-.403, with Yankee scouts watching him), Inglett (-.205), Lyle Overbay (-.156), Lind (-.120) and Vernon Wells (-.114). 

I'm hoping that Doc isn't traded before we get to watch him in Seattle but the rumors are getting stronger and stronger. I'm not sure if the rumors are stronger just because the writers want something to write about (Lord knows I've wasted enough words on the rumors) or if they really are closer to trading him. The trade can't be that close or he wouldn't have started tonight. Jeff Blair has twittered (is that the term? I'm too old to Twitter) that Doc says his gut feeling is he won't be traded. 

Tomorrow Brian Tallet (5-6, 4.95) gets his first start since before the All-Star break, while David Price (3-4, 4.86) goes for the Rays. 1:00 Eastern start time so join us tomorrow in the game thread and for the continuing soap opera around the possible Roy Halladay trade. Everyday I think I've written enough about it and everyday there is more. 

Rays vs Blue Jays boxscore