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Bits on a Monday

I have a couple of hours before having to run off to the airport. I'm really looking forward to seeing a few live games and Seattle is a great city to wander around.

It isn't too often that when the Hall of Famers have a Jay's connection, but this time 2 have. Tony Kubek entering the hall as a broadcaster was color commentator for the Jays games on TSN and CTV from 1977 to 1989. He was very enjoyable to listen to and very informative. I remember liking him a lot. He went on to do the NBC Game of the Week and then did the Yankees games for 5 years before retiring.

Ricky Henderson was a Jay for 44 regular season games and the World Series run in 1993, back in the days where we were buyers not sellers at deadline time. He wasn't overly successful for us, hitting just .215 but he got on base at a .356 rate, terrible by his standards but not bad by mortal standards and he stole 22 bases. He had 3 more steals in the playoff but was caught twice. But then over his career he was the best lead off hitter ever.

Jim Rice was also inducted this weekend, he was a favorite of mine, somewhere around the house I still have a Jim Rice model bat. It was way too heavy for me when I got it as a kid, likely still heaver than I would want but then it said Jim Rice on it so I bought it.  Rice was a strong man, I remember stories of him picking up teammates with one hand.

You can see the induction ceremony on the Baseball Hall of Fame website.

Last night I talked to Joe Hayward who hosts an internet radio show 'The Sports Show Live'. He asked a couple of questions about the Halladay rumors and about Cito Gaston and I talked till he told me to stop. If you are interested in hearing it will be on tonight at 9:00 Eastern at

Anyway I guess I ought to pack. Look for us in the stand the next three games. I'll be the one throwing things at Millar. No no, I wouldn't honest, might yell the odd thing, but that's as far as I'd go.