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That was Great!

Blue Jays 10 Mariners 4

Boy that was enjoyable. Great game, ok beer, 30-70 Jay's fans to Mariner's fans, but the Jay's were loud. It is a beautiful park and filled with nice people.

Ricky Romero wasn't great, he went 6 innings and gave up 10 hits and 4 runs, but it was good enough to get the win tonight. I'm not sure how the Mariners got 10 hits, their batting order is full of guys that weren't hitting their weight and Ichro. They are a very sad looking offensive team, Jesse Carlson, Scott Downs and Dirk Hayhurst each pitched a scoreless inning to finish out the game. You can tell Cito has lost some confidence in Snakeface when he pitches the 8th inning in a blow out but he looked really good tonight. 

We got 11 hits and 7 runs off the Mariners best pitcher, Felix Hernandex and 4 more hits and runs off Sean White. 15 hits in the game and 2 home runs. Looks like our offense is returning to we had back in April. We were helped out by some terrible defense. Third baseman Jack Hannahan turned a sure out into a double and center fielder Franklin Gutierrez decide not to catch a fly ball at the wall. He put his arm up like he was going to catch it then nicely avoided the ball with his glove.

Everyone in the Jay lineup had at least one hit except for Adam Lind. Marco Scutaro had 4 hits, Rod Barajas had 3 and Vernon Wells and Joe Inglett had 2 each. Inglett also carefully avoided looking our way even though I was yelling out to him every time he went by. Scott Rolen made an amazing leaping catch just in front of us and doubled off the runner at second to get Romero off the hook in an inning that looked to be a bad one for him. 

Jays of the Day were Baraja (.295 WPA), Scoot (.134), Alex Rios (.113) and Washington boy Lyle Overbay (.110). Joe Inglett deserves an honorable mention. Suckage Jay was Romero (-.183).

We even got on TV when a bouncing ball came up to the wall near us but Carm didn't lean over it to make the catch. My son called me right after. Then later another ball came our way, I thought it was going to hit the wall again and started to lean over and it skipped higher and cleared the wall and just missed the little boy that was sitting just behind me. It was hit so hard, it could have hurt him. His dad asked him how close it came to his head and he said 'Not close" and then held his hand out about a foot from his head. Scary stuff. 

We will have to meet up with Temujin and Wroth91 tomorrow. Guys, give me a call tomorrow and we'll figure out what we'd like to do. I hope tomorrow's game is as much fun. We are sitting just above the Jays dugout tomorrow. Can't wait, but it will be enjoyable wandering around Seattle tomorrow.