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Blue Jays 3 Mariners 4

Game recap is going to be really short because: it is late and I had a couple of beers with Temuljin and Carm after the game no food. The Guinness was great, in a fun bar with far too many Jay fans in a very small space.   Singing the Canadian national anthem at top volume with a bunch of drunks was fun.  But...I'm too old for bar hopping!!  Shut up Hugo.  

Game was lost on just a few plays:

  • Wells had a first inning home run pulled back by a great catch in left field
  • Balk on Rzep in the bottom of the first that was very iffy
  • Scott Downs error on a bunt in the bottom of the ninth
  • Ichiro is terrific and Downs couldn't chance bouncing a pitch with the bases loaded and an 0 and 2 count

Rzed pitched well after the first inning and before he tired in the 6th.

Jays of the Day are Rios (.238 WPA) and Camp (.178). Suckage goes to Downs (-.357), Overbay (-.233), Wells (-.195) and Bautista (-.129).

I'll admit I enjoyed yesterday's game more, but then yesterday I didn't sit beside a bunch of drunk Mariner fans. How you can get drunk on American beer I will never know. Anyway tomorrow should be fun with the 3rd consecutive last Roy Halladay start. 

I am so happy to be going to sleep now, in a nice cool room. The fun thing about being alone in a hotel room is I can have the air conditioning turned to penguin level.