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3 hours to game time

And Roy Halladay is still a Jay. But then I won't breathe a sigh of relief until I see him on the mound. I think twitter is allowing rumors to run more wild than they normally would. Someone twitters a guess and it's everywhere in a few moments. The one I just saw has Cliff Lee going to the Phillies for not near enough, so I don't believe that one either. I think, at the moment, if Doc goes it will be to the Red Sox, just because I think the Sox are worried about the little slump they are in and hope that a big deal would end it.

We saw Shaun Marcum and Scott Richmond on the Jay's bench yesterday. It took me a few moments to recognize Marcum. I guess he'll travel with the team for a bit. Richmond is to start Friday, and took Dirk Hayhurst spot in the line up. I feel sorry for Dirk but that's life as someone in the back of the bullpen, I'm sure he'll be back in September if not before. 

Jordan Bautian says that last night was Ichiro's first career walk off hit. He's pretty amazing, he barely swung the bat, jus enough to drop it between the infield and the outfield. I thought at first that Scoot or Hill would have a shot at it. 

I'm going to wander over to IHOP for breakfast. One of my favorite things about being on this side of the border is IHOP, if we had them in Calgary I'd be 50 pound heavier. Then spend an hour or so looking at book stores and then sit in the 100 F heat at the game. One of the ushers told us that they likely will close the roof for the game today. Hope so.