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Is There a Ghost In This House?: 7/29 Game Thread, Jays at Mariners

Not sure if I'll get the chance to do a proper game thread before game time, so just in case:

After another rough late-inning loss last night, the Jays try to win the series in this afternoon's getaway game. Scott Richmond was activated to start on Friday, so Dirk Hayhurst has been sent back to AAA Las Vegas. Hayhurst pitched pretty well for the Jays in a very limited role. It looks like Brian Tallet will move back into the bullpen and the trio of left-handed rookies: Brett Cecil, Marc Rzepczynski, and Ricky Romero, will round out the other 3 spots in the rotation for now, assuming Doc isn't dealt. I say for now because there's been a lot of talk about going to a 6-man rotation, skipping starts, or just plain shutting the youngsters down at some point in September in order to limit their innings. As Craig pointed out earlier, Romero is probably good to go, but Zep and Cecil could certainly be candidates to have their innings limited.

Ichiro certainly seemed to get in the Jays' head so far this series, prompting today's title, still from Band of Horses.