Seven batters in Jays lineup not enough

Even as a longtime and dedicated Jays fan, I have a difficult time grasping, just on what direction this club is really going in the immediate future, especially after losing two winnable games against the Mariners the last couple of days .

Aron Hill, Adam Lind and and Marco Scutaro all have had exceptional years, along with Scott Rolen and Rod Barrajas. But asking these guys to perform day in and day out, it's unjustifiable and ridiculous. Those expectations should automatically be put on the shoulders of the highest paid players in the lineup, of course that's Vernon Wells and Alex Rios. After all, a typical batting order consists of nine batters, in our case our lineup consists of seven regular batters and two invisibles. I know, we can't move these guys, because no team in baseball really wants neither player right now, especially with their overpaid salaries. Then what? Reassigment to the minors wouldn't be a bad idea, but we all know there's not a chance in hell this is going happen.

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