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One Bad Inning.

Blue Jays 2 Yankees 4

A frustrating one. Yeah I guess all loses are frustrating, but I hate us losing to A.J. Burnett. Except for one inning Brian Tallet pitched a good game. But the 5th he gave up 2 walks, a bunt single (that he could have made a better play on), another walk to score a run. At that point I thought it was going to be a big inning, but Tallet did a good job of limiting the damage. An ARod, ground out that was a force out at the plate and within a hair of being a double play. But then a passed ball cost us another run. Chavez really should have caught it. if he's a 'catch and throw' catcher' he's gotta make those plays. Another very very close out at the plate (I think the umpire missed the call) and a strikeout got us out of the inning. Just 2 runs in an inning that started out with 3 walks and a single is pretty decent.

We didn't get enough offense, just 7 hits and 2 walks. Vernon Wells had 2 hits a homer and a double and Marco Scutaro had 2, including a 'double' that was totally misplayed by Johnny Damon. Vernon's homer was good, but I liked the double because he went the other way with the pitch. Aaron Hill, Adam Lind, David Dellucci and Raul Chavez all had 0 fors, though Hill had a walk and Dellucci had a walk and was hit by pitch. 

The last inning wasn't fun, I know I'm never going to figure out Cito but two out in the 9th and you let Raul Chavez hit? Chavez was ripped off on the strike three call, it was off the plate and he didn't go around but still wouldn't you pinch hit for the man?

No Jays of the Day today. Honorable mention to Vernon and Scoot. Suckage Jays are Lind (-.139) and Chavez (-.117).

Tomorrow Roy Halladay (10-2, 2.56) goes against Chien-Ming Wang (1-6, 10.06). It's a 1:00 Eastern start again.