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Today's Game Recap Brought to You by the Number 100

Blue Jays 2 Mariners 3

That might have been as hot as I've ever been, apparently they set a new record for temperature at a Mariner home game. I heard 103F in the shade, but we weren't in in the shade. Maybe just a little bit sun stroked now. The other reason 100 is the number of the day is that Roy Halladay was pitching great through 6 innings and about 100 pitches, but in the 7th he had nothing. After the Jays finally got him a lead he gave it back on 3 singles and a double. He looked like he was very tired. Now pitch counts mean different things to different people, but at that heat, 100 pitches was plenty and Cito should have taken Doc out of the game.

Before the top of the 7th the Jays were playing like a team that was in a get away day and couldn't wait to leave. Through 6 inning we hadn't had a hit against Ryan Rowland Smith. To be honest the plate umpire seemed to be in a hurry to get it over with too, any pitch any where close to the plate was a strike and many players walked away grumbling. The Jays strategy seemed to be to swing at the first pitch where ever it might be and get out as quick as they could. In the 7th Aaron Hill lead off with a single and Adam Lind hit a homer. Taking the lead the Jays went back to trying to get thru the game as quick as possible. We only had 3 hits an the day and 1 walk. 

Jays of the Day are Adam Line (.171) and Hill (.141). Suckage Jays are Halladay (-.193), Scott Rolen (-.158) Alex Rios (-.102). 

Jose Bautista made the most amazing throw from left to get a runner at home. I am glad I got to see his arm in person. He has a cannon. Beyond that Kevin Millar was robbed on a tag out at first, he clearly made the tag, I am not sure how the umpire missed it. 

It looks, at the moment, like Doc will stay a Jay the rest of the season. I'm glad JP stuck to his guns, it seems like it is one of those rare times he told us the truth but then there are 2 days left for him to change his mind. 

The Jays have an off day tomorrow, I'm sure they can use it after that day in the sun. I know I can.