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Rolen to the Reds?

So we had discussed briefly a few weeks ago the possibility that the Reds might be interested in Scott Rolen.  However, since then, the Reds have completely fallen out of the race - they're 10 games under .500 at the present time. That's why it is so strange to me that Bob Elliott twittered earlier today that Rolen to the Reds has "a good chance of getting done."  If that wasn't strange enough, the Providence Journal is saying that Cincinnati is talking to the Jays about a Rolen for Yonder Alonso swap.  For those who don't know, Alonso, a native of Cuba, was the Reds' first-round pick last year and looks to have a run-producer's bat at first base.  He's 22 and recently started playing in AA.  He'd instantly become one of our top few prospects, so I have to agree with the first commenter on the ProvoJo bit...No way JP pulls that off.