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5 Hours to the Deadline

And all the same rumors are still hot and heavy.

Roy Halladay? Well, yesterday the rumor was Texas Rangers, but it appears the Rangers would want the Jays to take some of his salary. That won't happen. Dodgers won't trade Clayton Kershaw so it doesn't look like he'll be going there. Yankees are still a possibility but I doubt it some how. Brewers were in the rumors and have prospects we'd like but I think the deadline is too close to get that worked out. The only team that I think still has a chance is the Red Sox if they would give up Clay Buchholz and a top prospect like Lars Anderson and maybe Daniel Bard. I am happy with JP that he hasn't backed down from what he wanted in return for Doc. It would have been easy to accept less just to get a deal done. 

Scott Rolen? It seems like the Reds aren't interested anymore. They have dropped out of the race and will likely be wanting to sell off contracts if they do anything.

Lyle Overbay? I think the Jays would trade him if anyone wanted him but I haven't heard that anyone is.

Scott Downs and Jason Frasor? Several teams have been looking at them, but I have a feeling that Downs' little slump has likely put people off. 

Any rumors you hear you can share on the thread.