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I can’t seem to find my way out of your hunting ground: Jays lose never ending game.

Blue Jays 8 Yankees 10

Ok, all I really want to say about that game is: 18 runs were scored and our DH didn't come close to a hit. Still 0 for as a Jay. You know, JP, let's release him now. I'd much rather watch Ruiz or Dopirak even if they don't hit. At least they would be interesting to watch. Heck you could release David Dellucci and Kevin Millar at the same time and bring them both up. What can it hurt. They can't be worse than 0 for. Dellucci hasn't been good since 2006.

Other than that? Brett Cecil was terrible. B.J. Ryan was worse. He was lucky that Chavez threw out Cano stealing to get him one of the two outs he was on the field for. Add in that anything hit in the air to right seems to go out in that stadium and it wasn't a fun day offensively. Jesse Carlson, Brandon League and Jason Frasor each pitched a good inning.

Joba Chamerlain wasn't any better. And he is a human rain delay. I really do wish umpires would enforce the rules about how long a pitch has to throw the ball, we got 8 runs off him in 3.2 extremely slow innings. But then we couldn't score against Jonathan Albaladejo and Alfredo Aceves in 5.1 innings.

Offensively we got hits from everyone in the lineup except for the DH who shall remain nameless (and if JP has any brains soon jobless). Aarron Hill, Adam Lind, Alex Rios and Raul Chavez each had two hits. Hill and Lind had homers and Chavez had two doubles. And we did come back from down 4-0 to take a 8-4 lead.

Unfortunately, with the extra inning game yesterday game yesterday, Cito didn't have a full bullpen today and had to try to get inning out of Cecil. And in Cecil's defense, the home run he gave up was one of those Yankee Stadium wind blown ones. And he had to try to get some outs from BJ, which was a disaster. Even Dirk Hayhurst couldn't get us quality outs.

Jays of the Day are Alex Rios (.180 WPA), Marco Scutaro (.136), Aaron Hill (.109) and Lind (.099), I'm going to give one to Chavez as well, for the 2 doubles, the caught stealing and tagging out Mark Teixeira (with an empty glove, the ball in his other hand). Suckage Jays are Cecil (-.425), Ryan (.289), Dellucci (-.201) and Wells (-.099). Scott Rolen came close to suckage numbers despite getting a hit to extend his hitting streak to 22.

Tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern we have Ricky Romero trying to end the slide against Andy Pettitte. Hopefully it won't be a never inning game like today's. I'm sure this is what hell will be like for me, a never ending game with Rance Mulliniks doing color commentary and BJ Ryan pitching.

Thanks to Torgen for the post title from Tori Amos song 'I Can't See New York'.