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John McDonald hit a home run!! Oh and we won.

Blue Jays 7 Yankees 6

Well that was more stressful than it needed to be. As Hugo noted in the game thread, last year when we had the best bullpen in baseball, we also had the fewest innings pitched by the bullpen. It is pretty tough on a pen when you have to go several innings each game. When you use several relievers in a game, the odds are higher that you are going to use one having a bad day. And it's tough when they are being used daily. It will be good to get Downs back soon. We do need a starter to go deep into a game soon, because I sure there are a couple of relievers whose arms are just about ready to fall off. 

Anyway. I know the 'sky is falling' brigade is going to hate this, but I  thought the Jays showed a lot this series. We weren't out of any of the games. I'm amazed that a team that has, what is the count now, 75 starting pitchers on the DL are staying in games. I really don't understand why folks always want always be the first to say we have no shot? Guess what folks, we've heard it for months now, you aren't the first to say it. Maybe give it a rest for a day or two. You can be killjoys later.  

Anyway I am burying the lead. John McDonald hit a home run. Johnny Mac, making his third start of the season? And he hits a homer. If I didn't see it I wouldn't have believed it. In related news, the Yankees have decided to move the outfield walls back 30 feet, figuring if Mac can hit a homer there, there is something wrong with the park.  No honest, Mac's homer wasn't a cheap, Yankee stadium homer. He hit it several rows back into the left field bleachers. 

We had a pretty good day, offensively. we took 6 walks, 2 each by Marco Scutaro and Kevin Millar. And Kevin, pal, after watching David Dellucci the last three days, well you still aren't great but I see it could possibly be worse. We also had 8 hits, 3 for Vernon Wells, who had an amazing series. I know people are going to say it was because he was moved down in the lineup (although today he hit 3rd again) but Vernon has hit good on the road all season. At home he's been awful The other favorite whipping boy for Jay's fans, Alex Rios, had a 3 run homer. And Scott Rolen hit a double to extend his hitting streak to 23 games and more importantly, to this game, it drove in 2 runs. 

Ricky Romero showed, again, why he should the top candidate for Rookie of the Year. 6.1 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 3 earned runs and 5 strikes got him the win. 2 of those earned runs came after he left the game, when Brandon League gave up a single after he came in with the bases loaded. After League struck out Teixeira and ARod all was forgiven. 

In the 8th Jeremy Accardo made the game exciting by giving up a double and hitting two batters before being relieved by Jason Frasor. Frasor himself tested our blood pressure by giving up 3 straight 2 out hits, before striking out Eric Hinske. If Hinske beat us, it would have been proof that not only is there no good but that Satan wears a Yankee's cap (really no surprise to me). Hinske did hit a homer earlier in the game. 

Jays of the Day are Rios (.194 WPA) and Romero (.192). Honorable mention to Frasor, Barajas and Wells. No one had the WPA numbers for Suckage Jay but I'm giving one to Accardo for the 2 years he took off the end of my life. Thank goodness those last few years kind of suck anyway.

In other Jay's news, although we were told Brad Mills would make tomorrow's start in Tampa Bay, the Jays now say that Mills has bruised ribs (but of course, he started a couple of games for the games, he has to be injured) and Marc Rzepczynski will start instead. I am never going to learn to spell his name. I vote we rename him Smith, cause I can spell that. Marc has been terrific in Double-A New Hampshire and Triple-A Las Vegas this year, I'm very interested in seeing him throw for us.

Also Russ Adams has cleared waivers and has decided to become a free agent. I hope the best for him. 

We start 3 games in Tampa Bay tomorrow. Should be great fun.