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Hated the Strike Zone Tonight, Jays Lose to Rays in Extras

Blue Jays1 Rays 3

Marc Rzepczynski pitched great. 6 innings, 2 hits, 7 strikeouts, 4 walks. One of the walks forced in a run. Gameday has one of the four balls, of that walk, right on the inside corner. Is too bad but is life. He Whose Name Can't Be Spelled, looks like a keeper. He's young and there will be ups and downs but boy he looked great.

Speaking of looked great, Shawn Camp went 3 shutout innings. I don't understand what happened to the reliever I hated last year. He has been terrific over the last little while, pitching multiple innings and doing it very well. Brandon League pitched a good tenth inning, helped by a terrible bunt attempt. In the 11th he got two quick outs. Then he got two strikes on Ben Zobrist and then walked him on four pitches. Again Game Day showed one of those pitches on the inside corner. If League gets that call, he's done a great job. He didn't. Then Pat Burrell hit a walk off homer. Even though Pat Tabler said League had 'only' given up 4 homers before that, that is too many for someone that has thrown as few pitches as League has and 5 is worse.

Yeah there was complaining in the thread about League pitching a second inning, but he looked good in the second inning, till the homer, and we do need to rest some arms in the pen.

Offensively we got 10 hits today, but could only push one run across. We had lots of chances. In the 2nd, Vernon Wells was on third with 2 out and David Dellucci struckout. Dellucci still doesn't have hit with the Jays, JP there is no reason to keep him around as long as you kept Wilkerson. In the 3rd with Aaron Hill on first, Adam Lind hit a ground rule double. Had the ball not bounced over the wall, Hill would have scored. Then with runners on second and third Rolen flied out to center.

In the 7th Vernon singled and Dellucci walked, but Barajas flied out. In the 8th we finally scored, singles by Marco Scutaro, Hill and Rolen got us a run. Then Vernon singled, but B.J Upton made a great throw to just get Hill at home. So we had the changes but a combination of bad luck and bad swings hurt.

Vernon had 3 hits, and came with in a half step of a 4th. Scoot and Hill had 2 hits each. But 0 fors for Overbay, Rios, Dellucci and Barajas hurt.

Jays of the Day are Camp (.298 WPA) and Rzepczynski (.182). Honorable mention to Hill. Suckage Jays are Overbay (-.244), Barajas (-.208), Lind (-.196) and Rios (-.195). Oh and League (-.214).

In other news Shawn Marcum might be back in August. Yeah that's another one I'll believe when I see it. Speaking of which, everyone and their brother wants to trade for Roy Halladay. Yeah I know, that's not news either, would have to be a fool not to want him on your team. Tomorrow Brian Tallet goes against Scott Kazmir (4-5, 6.79). How you go 4-5 with an ERA of almost 7 I don't know. Game thread was fun tonight, game ending not so much.