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Rolen Keeps His Hit Streak Going, but Jays Lose.

Blue Jays 9 Rays 10

It is interesting that we lose a different way each day, yesterday we could pitch but not score, today we get 9 runs and can't pitch, today we score 9 and still lose.

Offensively, every player had a hit but Raul Chavez, everyone scored but Marco Scutaro and Chavez and everyone drove in a run except Aaron Hill and Jose BautistaScott Rolen had 3 hits, his hit streak is up to 25 games now. Scoot, Hill, Vernon Wells and Kevin Millar had 2 hits. Yes, Kevin Millar had 2 hits and a walk. And made a nice play in the field. After watching Dellucci, Kevin at least can occasionally be a useful player. But no I'd still rather try Randy Ruiz and/or Brian Dopirak in his spot. Adam Lind and Well each homered.

On the bad side, Brian Tallet game up a run in the first, 2 in the second, 2 in the third and 3 more in the 4th. To be fair, in the first three innings Tallet wasn't hit hard in those first three innings, soft flies, infield hits and seeing eye grounders hurt him in those innings. But it changed n the 4th, when he gave up a hard hit double, hit a batter and gave up a homer. Fortunately Scott Kasmir was equally terrible. The bullpen did well, Dirk Hayhurst gave up a run in 3 innings of work. Jesse Carlson pitched a scoreless inning. Jason Frasor pitched a 1.2 innings, but gave up a single to Carl Crawford and Cito brought Scott Downs in to pitch to Carlos Pena. He walked Pena and gave up the game winning single to Ben Zobrist.

Jays of the Day are Scutaro (.181 WPA), Millar (.178) and (.123). Carlson and Alex Rios get honorable mention. Suckage Jays are Tallet (-.654), Scott Downs (-.370) and Chavez (-.154).

Tomorrow Roy Halladay (10-2, 2.79) goes against David Price (2-3, 5.21), presuming, of course, that Halladay is still on the team tomorrow night.