This is what has to happen

1) BJ Ryan needs to go away. Check. Done. See ya!

2) Vernon needs to be asked if he will re-negotiate his contract to keep Halladay here. Maybe spread out the payments over 121 years.

3) Halladay needs to be signed.

4) Rios needs a trip to AAA to fix his swing

5) League needs a trip to single A to start over

6) Whoever is responsible for all the injuries to pitchers needs to be fired. Arnsberg perhaps or the trainer?

7) JP Ricciardi needs to be fired. Long overdue in my opinion.

8) Cito needs to be fired unfortunately.

9) Arnsberg needs to be fired.

10) Tallet needs to get back in the pen.

11) We need another starter or two for next year somehow. The focus should be on that as I believe the hitting will be there. Shore up the pitching now.

Basically, we can be super competitive in 2010. We just can't ship everyone out now or we won't have a chance for another five years. It's 2010 or it's 2014. Take your pick.

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