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Accidents Will Happen: 8/1 Game Thread, Jays at Athletics

Today's title, after one of my favourite Elvis Costello songs (now that's a hard list to formulate) is in "honour" of our defensive performance last night - fitting that the day Scott Rolen is shipped out, the Jays turn in such a pitiful defensive display. Let's hope things get better tonight.

Speaking of, Brett Cecil pitches tonight and the lefty is coming off three consecutive stellar starts, so that's good news. Starboardsider Trevor Cahill goes for the Athletics.

Unfortunately I won't be around for tonight's game as it is date night for myself and the missus. We're going to see 500 Days of Summer, fitting given the sweltering heat here recently. So you'll have to do without the lineups, unless someone is so kind as to post them in the comments. Let's go Jays!