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Little bits of Jay News

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Looks like the Jays have spent a bit of the Alex Rios money, Jim Callis at Baseball America says that we are signing our first round draft choice Chad Jenkins for $1.359 million. That is some above slot. 

A righthander from Kennesaw State, Jenkins combines a tremendous feel for pitching with quality stuff. He has a 90-93 mph sinker, can touch 96 mph with a four-seam fastball and also has a plus slider and average changeup.

And as Torgen notes, in the game recap thread, the Jays have sent Jeremy Accardo down to Las Vegas. Cito says there is someone they want to look at and whoever it is will be called up before Friday's game. I can't figure out who they mean, unless they want to bring up Fabio Castro to take the start that Brian Tallet is supposed to make Saturday. Your guess is as good as mine I'm sure. I would imagine Accardo wouldn't be that happiest camper at the moment. He has a 2.50 ERA and yet still can't stay with the team.

Jeff Blair in the Globe and Mail mentioned that Kevin Millar went to talk to JP after Randy Ruiz was called up. I'm sure he can see that his play hasn't been enough to guarantee him playing time. It also writes about the difference between the Yankees and the Jays as far as spending money is concerned and about Vernon's troubles this year


Vernon Wells hears the boos but he doesn’t feel the need to justify his contract any more now than he did before Alex Rios was dumped on the Chicago White Sox.

"When you sign that kind of deal, it’s going to come with it," Wells said last night, before batting practice in the Bronx. "You can never justify the amount of money anybody makes in this game. It’s not my job to explain or justify it. I just need to go out and play the game of baseball the way I have ever since I was a little kid."