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Question for you all: Who will be coming up to take Jeremy Accardo's roster spot?

So I have a question for you all. Cito has said that Jeremy Accardo was sent down to Triple-A because there is "somebody there we want to get up here and take a look at." I'm taking it for granted that it is a pitcher, because if it was a bat we'd likely have sent down a bat. He didn't say who it was they want to take a look at, we will likely find out Friday, so we have a day to speculate. So my question to you is: Who do you think player we want to take a look at is?

Off topic, but wouldn't you be pissed off if you were Accardo. The poor guy is a yo-yo and he hasn't done anything wrong, he's pitched great for us. The only guy on the team with a lower ERA is Jason Frasor (small sample size for Accardo). Do you get the feeling someone in the Jay's front office has made a bit that they can make Accardo quit baseball?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I was going to make it a poll but that's too easy, long answer is more fun than multiple choice. Use the comments to make your case  No points for the correct answer but points for making the best case. For those too lazy to look it up I'll give you a list of pitchers at Vegas and a couple of guys in Double-A. 

  • Fabio Castro 6-5, 4.10 at Vegas. He's my pick, I'm guessing he will called up to make the start Saturday in place of Brian Tallet who is listed to start in Brett Cecil's place.
  • David Purcey 6-5, 4.92. Same thing, could start Saturday.
  • T.J. Beam 6-3, 4.40.
  • Davis Romero 3-4, 5.93. Long shot.
  • Sean Stidfole 2-1, 4.06. Being used in relief for the 51's.
  • Edward Buzachero 3-1, 3.90. Reliever.
  • Ronnie Lewis. 1-2, 2.51 in 12 relief appearances after moving up from Double-A. Big lefty, 6'5", 230lb.
  • Marty McLeary 1-1, 5.56 in Vegas after being 3-3, 2.98 at Double-A New Hampshire.
  • Zachary Stewart. Just 3 appearances in Vegas after being picked up in the Rolen trade. It would be interesting to see him pitch.
  • Shaun Marcum. Yeah JP said he wouldn't be up with the Jays this yeah but then JP lies on occasion.

There are a couple of interesting pitchers in Double-A and we have called up guys from Double-A before (Jesse Litsch for one).

  • Luis Perez 7-10, 3.85.
  • Randy Boone 8-7, 4.07.
  • Reidier Gonzalez 4-6, 2.90.
  • Shawn Smith 3-3, 2.77, who we just picked up at the trade deadline.

Anyway take your guess and make your case. Extra points if you pick someone I haven't listed.