Rogers might sell..Balsillie might buy...

With the unleashing of Alex Rios and the $60 million he had remaining in his contract, the Blue Jays certainly created some payroll flexibility for the 2010.

However, I have the consensus if the opportunity presented itself where Vernon Wells and the remaining of his ridiculous $126 million contract would be claimed through waivers by another MLB club, it would have been a bigger sigh of relief for this organization.

There's anticipation, Rogers is going to explore the possibility of investing some of that freed up money from Rios' contract and help fill some much needed voids in this team's roster going into the 2010 season.

There's also a chance Rogers might not want to commit any more dollars to this club, who amongst the 30 teams in MLB is ranked 23rd in franchise value at $353 million. Meaning, sellng this club would be the proceeding step, but to who?

How about a JIm Balsillie? Here's someone who has deep pockets and the determination to own a major sports franchise. Alhtough his current objective is to acquire an NHL franchise, I think this baseball club would benefit significantly by having an owner with the financial/business credentials of a Jim Balsillie.

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