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It's time for a change I'm tired of that same ol same: Jays at Rays

Post title lyrics are from a Guy Clark song, Boats to Build. It just seems to suit my mood of seeing Kevin Friggin' Millar batting cleanup again. Tonight is Millar's 7th time batting cleanup for us. I don't know, Overbay is seeing the ball so well right now, why not let him play against the left. Millar (if my memory is right) has made an error at first in his last couple of starts that I've seen. When you can't hit you better field perfect. I guess I ought to stop letting this get to me but what does the man have to do to get released?

Speaking of defense, did you see Alex Rios miss the catch in center yesterday? Hit him in the heel of the glove and he dropped it. those things are more fun to watch when he's playing for someone else.

Only one other Blue Jay in team history, Doug Ault, had hit homers in each of his first two starts with the Jays before Randy Ruiz did it. I guess the down side is that Doug Ault didn't become a star player after that. A couple of other minor leaguers leaguers are making their cases to move up. Travis Snider is hitting .460 for August in Vegas, with 5 doubles and 6 homers. Let's get him up here as soon as we can and play him every game. Back in Double-A New Hampshire David Cooper is hitting .348 with 5 doubles and 3 homers in August. It is good to see him getting it going.

We are treated to a couple of lefties tonight. Brian Tallet starts for us. He did great in relief of Brett Cecil when Cecil came out of his last start with the knee injury. Scott Kasmir goes for the Rays. Kasmir has a 6.50 ERA so far this season. I can't imagine how a guy with his stuff has an ERA over 6 but I hope he doesn't figure things out tonight.

Edwin Encarnacion hasn't suddenly remembered how to hit since he joined the Jays, he is batting .182 with us. I'm hoping Cito and Gene Tenance are working hard with him.


Toronto Blue Jays @ Tampa Bay Rays

08/15/09 7:08 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Rays
Marco Scutaro - SS Jason Bartlett - SS
Aaron Hill - 2B Carl Crawford - LF
Adam Lind - LF Evan Longoria - 3B
Kevin Millar - 1B Ben Zobrist - 2B
Vernon Wells - CF Carlos Pena - 1B
Randy Ruiz - DH Willy Aybar - DH
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Gabe Kapler - RF
Jose Bautista - RF Dioner Navarro - C
Raul Chavez - C B.J. Upton - CF

I'm off to get supper but with luck I should be back by game time. The threads have been great fun, so join in.