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That was a sad effort. Rays beat Jays

Blue Jays 3 Rays 8

We really do have this ability to make bad pitchers look good. Scott Kazmir came into the game with a 6.50 ERA and we did seem to get to him a bit at the start, but either he settled down or we went to chasing pitches off the plate and we only got 3 runs in 6.1 innings off him, while striking out 7 times. The rest of the way the Rays pen shut us down.

Brian Tallet started well but gave up 4 runs in the 3rd and another in the 5th. In 5.2 innings he gave up 10 hits and 2 walks. not good enough. Josh Roenicke and Brandon League didn't do much better, though in League's case he gave up 4 soft hit ground balls, 2 went thru the infield for hits and 2 were outs. Casey Janssen pitched a perfect 8th and looked good.

Offensively we got 0 fors from our 'cleanup' hitter Kevin Millar, Adam Lind, Jose Bautista  and Raul Chavez. Vernon Wells was 1 for 4 but other than the 1 hit he looked terrible. Aaron Hill hit a homer. Randy Ruiz was 2 for 4 and really hustles. I'm sure he's not the most talented player but he really seems to be trying his hardest.

I'd rant more about Millar but I'm tired and let's face it, it isn't getting us anywhere. I've been ranting about him since spring training and he is still here. With my luck he'll out last me. I'm not sure who deserves more scorn, JP for having him on the team or Cito for putting him in as cleanup hitter. If he is even invited to spring training next year I will burn both of them in effigy. 

We have no Jays of the Day. Tallet (-.307) and Chavez (-.101) earn the Suckage award. 

Tomorrow at 1:30 Eastern the Jays have Marc Rzepczynski (1-3, 4.38) goes against Matt Garza (7-8, 3.80). It's gotta be a better game than today's was.