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And They Fly North When Winter's Done / And We Get Burned in Summer Sun - 8/16 Game Thread, Jays at Rays

Hi everyone. Florida, especially non-panhandle Florida, doesn't make for very good songs (unless one likes songs about chain restaurants and humidity, I suppose). But I pulled this one from a good South Florida song, "Snowbirds and Townies" by Further Seems Forever.

After yet another home run yesterday, Travis Snider should be coming up on super-2 safety sometime this week and I'd expect him to be brought up sometime by next weekend. Snider is hitting .339/.435/.673 for Vegas with 14 home runs in just 47 games. Not to be outdone, Brian Dopirak also homered and is hitting .344/.376/.566 in AAA with 7 home runs in 29 games after posting a very similar line in AA, so he should be up in September at the very latest. I know it's the PCL, but Dopirak made huge progress this year and even if the Jays aren't counting on him to be a regular in the majors next year, they'll likely bring him up for the month as a reward. Let's face it, he might as well get the at-bats rather than the alternative.

In other news, Brett Cecil has been declared ready to start on Thursday against the Red Sox. Should be a good test for the young pitcher.

The Jays face off against the Rays this afternoon in the rubber game of the series. A win would be nice after yesterday's poor effort. Mark Rzepczynski pitches for the Jays and looks to get back on track after a rough start his last time out, while Matt Garza pitches for Tampa.

For some reason the lineup widget isn't working, but our Millar-less lineup reads:

Scutaro, SS

Hill, 2B

Lind, LF

Overbay, 1B

Wells, CF

Ruiz, DH

Encarnacion, 3B

Barajas, C

Inglett, RF

Let's go Jays!