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Jays sign a couple of draft picks

Jim Callis at Baseball America is reporting that the Jays have signed a couple of our draft picks this morning. We signed Daniel Webb our 18th round pick with a $450,000 bonus, three times slot for late round players. Webb can hit 94 mph with his fastball. We also signed outfielder K.C. Hobson, our 6th round pick for $500,000 also well over the the $150,000 suggested slot. Hobson is son of former Red Sox Butch and has good power in his left-handed bat. He can throw a 90 mph fastball but we are looking at him as an outfielder.

Keith Law at ESPN doesn't figure we'll sign Canadian Jake Eliopoulos but will be signing 3rd round pick Jake Marisnick

The deadline for signing this year's draft picks is coming up quick so there will be lots of signings today. They always seem to go to the last minute. Washington Nationals still haven't signed first pick Stephan Strasburg.