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Were You Fretful to Wade Into the Room? / Oh, I'd Been Wanting to Hear From You: 8/19 Game Thread, Red Sox at Jays


Boston Red Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays

08/19/09 7:07 PM EDT

Boston Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays
Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Marco Scutaro - SS
J.D. Drew - RF Aaron Hill - 2B
Victor Martinez - C Adam Lind - LF
Kevin Youkilis - 3B Lyle Overbay - 1B
David Ortiz - DH Vernon Wells - CF
Jason Bay - LF Randy Ruiz - DH
Casey Kotchman - 1B Edwin Encarnacion - 3B
Nick Green - 2B Rod Barajas - C
Alex Gonzalez - SS Travis Snider - RF

Buchholz v. Halladay. Day 2 of the Travis Snider era. Let the fun begin.

Today's title from "Sleepless," a great song by the Decemberists whose lyrics seemed to fit perfectly.