Grass looking greener on the other side...

With a 1.5 month remaining to play in this year's campaign, the Bue Jays are on a current path that could very well see them finish the season with a record under the .500 mark.

With every baseball year, there's lows and highs each and every team must experience through the course of the regular season, as well as in the playoffs if they are fortunate to get there.

There's no question the lows have outdrawn the highs this year when it comes to the Blue Jays, but there's also a lot of positives that occurred this year for us to reminiscence about that inevitably will inspire us to look forward to next year..

ARON HILL, is having the best year of his major league career, after nearly suffering a career ending injury last season. In my account, he is this year's Blue Jay MVP and American League coming back player of the year. It's safe to say he is going to stick around for awhile...

Just when many people thought Marco Scutaro was only utility material, he raised his game to a level very few could ever imagine. If there's such a thing as a "pitcher's pest" well, I think Marco fits that bill quite nicely. Drawing 3-2 counts on a regular basis, getting on base via walks, hitting for average, hitting homeruns and of course watching him play his position with authority, has been a blast to see so far this year. There's a real good chance, the Jays are going to make a strong pitch to sign him in the off season.

Coming into this year, Cito Gaston was very high on Adam Lind and now I can fully interpret why. Adam is truly the definition of cool, calm and collective for a young player. How can anybody not love his approach at the plate, especially with his ability to hit pitches with success to the opposite field. Glad this guy is all over our future..

Ricky Romero, Brad Cecil, Mark Rzepczynski, Shaun Marcum, Dustin McGowan, Jesse Litsch,

Depth, depth and depth.... what a nice surprise Romero has been for this team along with Brad Cecil who up until the time he got hurt ,was also pitching very well. Rzepcyzynski if he can work on improving his control, wow! Look out!

Marcum, McGowan are still very young and very much a big part of this team going into next year. Litsch who was solid with a 13-9 record and 3.58 era in 2008, is also a huge part of this team's immediate future.

So what, Travis Snyder's first major leagfue stint hasn't been what we had hoped it would be. However, I'm confident after this year under his belt, he will be a big part of this team next year. Smoking the ball with regularity, is something he is going to do at the major league level for a long time.

World series Championship in 2010? In 1997, the Florida Marlns became one of the youngest teams to win a World Series. This is the same club who would win another title in 2003 with one of the lowest payrolls in the major leagues..Pehaps there is hope after all for us in 2010......

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