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Red Sox 8 Blue Jays 1

We used to be able to play defense right? This was a comedy of errors. Brett Cecil misses a throw back from Rod Barajas picks up the ball and throws it out of play? Surprisingly enough you have to call time before throwing a live ball away. John McDonald, in for Edwin Encarnacion who left with a sore knee, throws one way over Kevin Millar at first. And Jose Bautista throws a ball from left field to someone in the stands behind Millar. 

The biggest error? Cito Gaston wrote Rod Barajas name in the cleanup spot and Kevin Millar in the 5th spot. The two of them were a predictable 0 for 7. Amazingly enough we only scored one run today. We load the bases in the first and Big Rod gets a run in with a double play. And that was the only time we came close to scoring. 3 hits on the day, 2 by Aaron Hill. Even Travis Snider was 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts.

Brett Cecil was terrible. 6-2 on the season and the 2 loses were against the Red Sox. Everything was up, our ground ball pitcher had 2 ground outs and 9 fly outs. Brian Tallet and Jesse Carlson pitched well in relief. Shawn Camp less so.

No Jay of the Day today though Hill came close (.092) so he can have an honorable mention. Suckage are Cecil (-.251) and Rod (-.102).